JUDGE DREDD    $1750
Nice wide body playfield. Theme comes from the comic books series. Alot of ramps, lights and action.

TERMINATOR 2   $2100
This is a well known, exciting, high action pinball machine featuring Arnold Schwatzeneggar. This is a pin
that makes big money for any summer location and great fun in your home game room.  The playfield has
lots of action from the movie with the same name.

FIRE $1600
Fireman theme machines. Has ramps that move up and down. Nice action. Classic Collectable

Shaq Attaq     $1500
The game features  4 flippers, moving basket target, ramps, multiball, and several more great and fun

STRIKES AND SPEARS          $950
Plays a game of bowling, with 10 frames, 1 or 2 balls per frame. Has two DMD Displays; the upper shows the
frames/game status and the lower shows play information, such as user info and feedback. ROMs in both
displays are exactly alike and two entire display CPU assemblies were used. This is a neat game. You play
like bowling, but you are using the flippers to roll the balls at the pins. It can be setup as a redemption
machine also. You would need to change teh setting and install a ticket dispenser. Though it is mostly used
as a game to play without tickets.

This pinball has 2-flipper, 3 pop bumper, 2 slingshots, 4 drop targets, 1 kickout hole, spinnig target and
much more on its nice and colorful outer space themed playfield.

STARS  $800
2 flippers, 1 pop bumpers, slingshots,  drop target, standup targets, spinners,  and
many more great features on this fun playfield.

This is a machine based on the car racing. This game has a very fun and active
playfield. The playfield has 2-flippers, 3-pop bumpers, ramp, targets, drop targets,
kickout hole, auto shooter, shaker motor shakes playfield, key ignitiom to start game
and many more great and fun features.

T'EED OFF $1200
This is a golf themed pinball that playfield has lots of toys and also has Flippers (3),
Pop bumper (1), Vertical upkickers (2), Slingshots (3), Kick-out holes (2), Bullseye
targets (2), 4-bank drop targets (1), Captive ball (1), Captive ball spinner below center
of playfield.

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